Block Hotmail Sender

If you want to block someone whom you hate and do not want to be in contact with from your Hotmail account, then it is very much possible to do. You don’t have to hear from them anymore if you block that particular person’s email address from your account.

Follow these steps to block Hotmail sender :

  • First thing you have to do is open or
  • Enter you Microsoft account and the password in Sign in section. Then click Sign in button.
  • Make sure you type your email address and your password correctly. Watch out for the spelling mistakes and Caps Lock. Password is case-sensitive.
  • Click the gear button on the right hand side of the screen & then select More mail settings.


  • There are lots of options to choose from. You can manage your account, customize Outlook, get helps on reading and writing mails.
  • Then choose Safe and blocked senders under Preventing junk email section.
  • Click on “Blocked Senders“. You can manage who is blocked from sending you an email. Unblock email address that you have blocked earlier if you want. Messages are blocked senders are automatically deleted.



  • Type the email address you are willing to block in the blank box under the title “Blocked email address or domain“. You can block any email address of any email providers; Yahoo!, Gmail, etc.
  • After you are finished entering the email address, click Add to list button. This will add the email address under blocked email address. If you have previously blocked anyone, those email addresses will appear on the Blocked senders list. You can delete the particular email address in order to unblock it. Clock “Remove from list” button
  • Home>Inbox>Options>Safe and blocked senders is all you have to remember to block Hotmail sender.

You can do it by yourself once you do it. It is easier and if you have further problems about blocking and unblocking sender, you can search for top Hotmail queries. Or you can also visit Help and Support section from the website. For any helps, you can refer to other articles from this very website.

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