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Hotmail Support Center

Hotmail support center is a 24 hours support provider with Hotmail technical teams. You can gain hotmail support via phone, email, mails and other different means of communication. There are answer desk to help all the hotmail users with accounting and billing, setup and installation, buying advice, technical support.

The best way to reach out for hotmail support are FAQs, emails, live chat and others. There are many hotmail users looking for phone numbers. You can call Hotmail, but it’s not the best way to reach them.


Hotmail Support Number

  1. Call at number 800-642-7676 or 800-386-5550
  2. For the first number, say “home”, then “technical support”, then “hotmail” and then “no”.
  3. The #1 phone number and #2 way to reach customer service. The average wait time for this hotmail support number is 5 minutes.
  4. For #2, press 0 to keep continuing. The average time to wait is 15 minutes.

Hotmail Support Mailing Address

Mailing address:
PO Box 91,
North Ryde NSW 1670
Australia (Sydney)

The way to get all the hotmail support and helps you want is from the help forum, hotlines and FAQs. You can even report a scam, report a support scam and know all about safety & security from Contact Us section of

If you want answers to the most asked questions in the internet regarding hotmail, then the best way to do this is :

  1. Sign in to your hotmail account.
  2. Click on gear button from the top-right side of the page.
  3. Click Help from the drop down menu for hotmail support.
  4. Now select any topic you want under

Tips : Never google for hotmail support in the google and click on the links other than Other sites provide number for their hotlines which will sell your service of their own.

If you have any problems regarding hotmail login, then follow this link or refer to other articles from our website.

Check Messagerie Hotmail

Hotmail or Outlook or Live all are same name of Whether you go to the address, or, you will be re-directed to the login page. If you have a hotmail account, then messegerie hotmail is possible to see from your mailbox.

Free storage limit for messagerie hotmail is originally 5GB before Hotmail begins it’s expansion. All the inbox messages, draft and sent email messages are stored in messagerie hotmail. You can increase your messagerie hotmail size with proper account management or an upgrade to Hotmail Plus, which means premium hotmail account.


How To Check Messagerie Hotmail ?

  1. Type ‘’ or ‘’ on your web-browser and Enter. You’ll be re-directed to the login page.
  2. At the right hand side of the homepage, you can see login section.
  3. Type in your registered hotmail email address, and password related to that email.
  4. Leave the ‘Keep me signed in’ box unticked if you are using public computer. Tick the box if you are logging in from your personal computer.
  5. At last, click Sign in button to check messagerie hotmail.

If the hotmail sign in process is successful, you should be able to check messagerie hotmail now. There are basically 6 folders in hotmail messagerie i.e. Inbox, Archive, Junk, Drafts, Sent and Deleted. You can add more folders as per your need with different names. Just click on New Folder link to add new folder.

Hotmail Australia |

Hotmail Australia is an Australian version of is a web address for Hotmail Australian version. But Hotmail Ninemsn has launched in 1997. It was created by Nine Entertainment Co. & Microsoft. Ninemsn is an Australian joint venture of Without a doubt, is the best email service provider.

Hotmail Australia ( is an Internet portal with lots of exciting sections in it. You can log in to your Skype, Facebook, etc. Microsoft owned search engine Bing is integrated in Hotmail Australia ( too. Hotmail users can see the trending topics. Any kind of news i.e. entertainment, politics, business, sports, etc are there for all kind of users.


Other topics in Hotmail Australia:

  • News
  • Sports
  • Finance
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • TV
  • Catch-up TV
  • Magazines
  • Shop
  • Classifieds

There is bit of everything for everyone in Hotmail Australia. can be used as news site, sports site or online shopping site. Users can have read articles with multiple topics. On the right hand site of Hotmail Australia’s homepage, you can see the link for different sites according to different topics such as RateCity, Dating, Car sales, Jobs, Real Estate, Deals and eBay. This means you do not have to visit the sites anymore. You will have the links to those sites in NineMSN.

Log in process for Hotmail Australia is as same as normal

Hotmail En Espanol

Hotmail En Español or Hotmail En Espanol is in Spanish language. The Spanish version of is for Spanish speakers. is login link for Spanish version of the website. 


Everything including design, user interface, features are all the same in in English version and Spanish version. On the left hand side there is a Learn more button. This Learn more button is to turn your tablet or mobile device into a trusted device and a portable device for any tasks. Trusted device is the one device for receiving a security code from Microsoft account. Just click on Configuralo button for more information.

On the right hand side of the Hotmail En Espanol homepage, there is a hotmail login box. Enter your username/email address on the first field which says On the next field, i.e. Contrasena field, type in your Microsoft password. If you want to save your login credentials for future log-ins, then just tick on ‘Mantener la sesion inciada‘ box. Finally, hit the Iniciar sesion button to login. But this version of the is not available in Hotmail mobile site.

You just have to remember that the service ad on the left hand side changes everytime you visit the site. After you sign in to your live account, everything will be in English language. Hotmail kaydol is another most searched keyword of But this is for Turkish language.

Hotmail Customer Service

Every company has their own Customer Service and Support team. Microsoft, being one of the most renowned IT companies, it has its own Customer Service team. The services and products of Microsoft includes Windows, Office, Surface, Windows Phone, Xbox, Bing, Nokia Devices, Skype, Hotmail and Microsoft Store. or or is a free web-based mailing service of Microsoft. Microsoft Outlook has been integrated with OneDrive, Skype, People and Calendar. Hotmail Customer Service is a customer service center of Hotmail to help out their customer with all the hotmail problems that could be login signup problem, reading emails, contacts and others. is a support section of Microsoft company. There is another way to go to the Help and Customer Support section of But we will discuss about first.

Getting Help from Hotmail Customer Service

  1. Go to
  2. Click on + icon to view all products of Microsoft. This is to find the product you need help with in the list of top options.
  3. On the search box type in “outlook” or just click “Microsoft Outlook 2013″ under Office option.
  4. Now you can choose the problem from Popular topics or just browse questions and problems under Category.


Under Popular topics, you can find:

  • Create and Outlook profile
  • How to use Outlook and together
  • Training courses for Outlook 2013
  • What’s new in Outlook 2013
  • Create and add image message signature

You can even browse questions under category i.e. Email & Communication. There are again 5 different topics under the sub-category of Email & Communication. Choose any topic you are getting difficulty with.

Another way to get into Hotmail Help section:

  1. Sign in to your hotmail account using your username and password.
  2. Click on the gear button from the topmost right hand side of the page.
  3. Select Help from the drop-down menu.
  4. Now you can find solutions to the hotmail problems under Top Solutions, Get to know, Calendar, People(Contact), Troubleshooting, Set up your email accounts, Help keep your account safe and finally Social.

Click on any topic you want and you will find solution to that with step-wise process. You can understand everything very easily because it is written in that way.

Hotmail Mobile Site is accessible and available in almost every mobile phones with internet connection and internet facility. Hotmail Login App are specially made for hotmail users that they can download on their mobile phone for free. Hotmail App has more facility than the site itself. But if you do not want to download the app or if your mobile phone do not support apps, then you can just use hotmail mobile site in order to read and send mails.

All you need is a mobile phone with internet connection. You can even check out the mobile version of from your desktop or laptop. is the address for Hotmail mobile or messenger.


How To Access Hotmail Mobile Site:

  1. Open your mobile browser.
  2. Go to, or
  3. On Microsoft account sign in page, type in your Microsoft account on the first field.
  4. Enter Password on the next field.
  5. Tick “Keep me signed in” box if you want to save your log in credentials on your mobile phone.
  6. Tap the Sign in button.

Every other steps are as same as normal hotmail login process. If you want hotmail login without outlook, then you can download Hotmail apps onto your mobile phone. The appearance and look of the mobile site differs with the screen resolution of your mobile screen. But all the functions remain the same.

Is Hotmail Down Right Now?

There may be problems and errors regarding anything in sometimes. If you have recently changed any settings, firewalls, browser plug-ins or other upgrades, that might be the things that are causing problems while you are trying to use Is hotmail down right now? Make sure there is no problem with an internet connection.

How To Check If Hotmail Down or Not?

  1. First go to the web address or or from whichever web browser that you are using.
  2. If hotmail login page opens, then it is working properly. In case message saying ‘The webpage is not available’ or ‘Internet Error’ appears, then you know there is a problem in hotmail site.
  3. There are lots of alternative ways to check Windows Live’s status. is one of the many sites that you can use to check hotmail site status.
  4. Go to that site. Click on the Status of Windows Live Hotmail. If it says ‘Up’ in Current Status, then is working properly.
  5. If hotmail is down right now, then it says ‘Down’ or ‘Possible service trouble’.hotmail_down

This is the easiest way to check the site’s status. In this case, checking hotmail down or not? Actually, there is nothing you can do it do make it right unless and until it is the problem in your internet connection or web-browser. Otherwise, you will just have to wait hotmail technical team to make it right. Just click on the Report an Issue button if you are having any trouble regarding Windows Live.

Another case may be that is blocked in your IP address. In such case, you can unblock hotmail with proxy site.

If you have any problems about hotmail other than this, then go to Contact Us section of hotmail to resolve an issue. for Noobs and Beginners

Here is the guide on for noobs and beginners. Do you feel like not asking anyone and know about all by yourself??? Then, this is the right place to be. Here, you will learn on how to hotmail sign up, send and open emails, save emails on draft, and how to manage your emails. From the beginning of internet, hotmail has been one of the most important and foremost forms of email. Hotmail offers without charge accounts to its users and has outstanding spam filtering software. You have your personal address book where you can put in thorough information for your contacts and lots of storage space. Hotmail also has a characteristic that will attach your account to your Microsoft Outlook email so you can even make sure your messages when you are offline. You can also import your contacts to your MSN Instant Messenger list for online chatting. for Noobs and Beginners Take a look at the following points, which will help you to make yourself a pro on hotmail:

  • At first, open your internet browser. Enter at the address bar of your computer.
  • This will take you to the hotmail login homepage. Here, in this page you will be given the opportunity to create a new hotmail account. This page is also the place, where you can sign up t your hotmail account, if you already have it. As you’re a beginner, probably, you need to create a new account. So, click the “create a new account” button. for Noobs and Beginners

  • After you click to this button, it will take you to page where you have to fill up your personal information. The information filled up in this form will determine your email address. It is not necessary that you have to fill up the fields of the form with true and accurate information. However, make sure you remember the information, as this information will help you to recover the password, if you lose it. for Noobs and Beginners

  • As soon as, you finish with the process of filling up the form, do not forget to click on the “I accept” button. By clicking on the “I accept” button, you are agreeing on the terms and conditions.
  • This sign in will take you to the home screen of Windows Live. Click the Hotmail link at the top of the page.
  • Now, you will be directed towards inbox. The “Inbox” is the place where you will get your new mails. To send a new email click the “New” link that is set up above the list of your emails.
  • This is the place, where you type your email. Fill out the “To:” line with the email address of the person you are going to send email. Complete the subject line with the subject of the email. Under your subject field is an attachments button to browse your computer for a file to send in the email.
  • When you are finished typing up your email you can hit “Send” or “Save draft” to save it to end later.

Why is Best Email Service Provider

Do you want to know why is best Email service provider??? Hotmail is a free email service which offers you with the unlimited storage, fast search, solid security, POP access and an interface easy as a desktop email program. When it comes to systematizing mail, Windows Live Hotmail comprises a lot of helpful shortcut and automation. sign in was founded in 1996 and it is one of the first web based system. At the present time, hotmail has been replaced with outlook. People who already have hotmail account, could unreservedly upgrade to the preview version of and downgrade back. As of May 2013, had 400 million active users. Here are some of the points which give you information on why is best email service provider.

Some reasons Why is Best Email Service Provider

Why is Best Email Service Provider

  1. The current form of, Outlook login, is modern, safe and very easy to use. In hotmail, there are numerous ways to systematize emails and keep your inbox clean. One is to pull messages to folders. Another is to describe filters that mechanically sort incoming mail. There are rapid views that list all the unread emails, those with picture or document attachments, flagged messages, bills and numerous other types.
  2. The Messages which you get can be categorized, according to your own priority. They can be archived, which moves them to a folder, or flagged so they appear in quick views rather than the inbox. You can move or deletes all messages from a sender, or all messages older than a certain date using ‘sweep’. All in all you can manage your messages in an instant with few clicks.
  3. A new hotmail has been designed for ease, clearness, and easier access to your mail.
  4. offers a conversation outlook that’s clearer than Gmail’s.’s inbox updates routinely and quickly, just like Gmail’s.
  5. You also get observe alternatives to just demonstrate mail from contacts, groups, newsletters, or social updates. And the Quick views options along the left rail let you see just emails that include documents, photos, or shipping updates.

Hotmail lets you add numerous inboxes from additional services, including Gmail, and you can hook into your Exchange server if your business has one.

Chat from Hotmail

Instant communication being very popular nowadays, Hotmail chatting is one of the best option to do so. If you want to start instant messaging with others, Hotmail chat service provides this facility with contacts you have added. For two-way chat, other person should also be available/online. You can just use messaging for normal text chat or video chat with someone using Windows Live Messenger (previous), and also with Skype because of Skype integration with Microsoft Outlook services. is new domain for the same old

For instant Hotmail chatting, you should follow the instructions likewise:

  • First, sign in to your Hotmail account and find messaging button along with setting and username in upper right hand corner of window and click that button.                                 msg
  • Once you do that, there will be the Messaging options with list of contacts online. If you want to chat with specific person, just type in his/her username in search place. For two-way chatting in, the other person should be available too. But you still can send message to them only they will see those messages when they log in to their account. And with the integration of Hotmail with Facebook and Google, you also can chat with your Facebook friends and Google contacts.
  • Once you make up your mind with whom to chat, click on username and type the message in chat input box and then press enter to send that message. You also can have fun by using smiley by clicking emoticon icon available there.
  • You can send many short messages before you receive a reply from person you are chatting with.

But just remember before Hotmail chatting, you should make yourself available/online first so that other can also start chat with you. To do so, click on the username which you can find right to the messaging button and select the option ‘available’. If you wish to make yourself unavailable for chat, you can select the option ‘invisible’ so that others cannot see you in their messenger list.

Hotmail Recover E-mail

What if you accidentally delete an important email from Hotmail inbox? Or you just want to retrieve previously deleted emails that is needed now? Thanks to Hotmail service! As all deleted emails will be moved to “Deleted” folder like files deleted in Windows OS are moved to “Recycle Bin”. From this “Deleted” folder, you can recover deleted Hotmail emails. But Hotmail also automatically cleans this folder time to time. Not to worry much for this condition too! As Hotmail service can recover permanently deleted files from ‘Deleted’ folder too but not all emails are recovered.

To recover deleted Hotmail emails from your inbox, follow given instructions:

  • Sign in to Hotmail account from Hotmail login page
  • Find ‘Deleted’ link under ‘Folders’ options in left side of the page and click on that link.
  • Now you can view list of deleted emails. Click on check-box next to email you want to recover. Can select multiple emails for recovering by clicking on check-boxes. If you want to retrieve all emails, then check ‘All’ option at top of window.
  • Then click on ‘Move To’ tab and select the ‘inbox’ from displayed menu list (can select other folder too).
  • Click ‘Inbox’ option from left side of the page where you can find retrieved emails back in list.

If you want to recover deleted Hotmail emails from ‘Deleted’ folder too, then you should click on ‘recover deleted messages’ link appeared when you enter deleted folder in Hotmail account.
recover_deleted_outlook_messageBy clicking this link, Hotmail will bring you back many messages as possible to ‘Deleted’ folder from where you can move them to ‘Inbox’. If this method also fails to help in recovering your important email, then there’s no more choice. So be careful during deletion of messages and if accidentally happens so, do not be late to retrieve email from deleted folder when it is still there.