Change Hotmail Theme (How To)

Want to use Hotmail with your preferences you like? You can feel better if your email service has your chosen theme and color. Previously, Hotmail had a service where you could change Hotmail theme with different background and other options. But after Hotmail service has been changed to due to service upgrading from Microsoft, you can’t entirely remake Hotmail theme but can play with different color options and other viewing properties within their default theme.

The Hotmail service has some added setting where you can change color scheme and location of reading pane so that you can experience little bit personal touch when you open Hotmail account. The Hotmail account has Blue colored theme by default. For changing colors and other options, select the ‘setting‘ icon located in top right corner of page before Hotmail username.


From this settings option, you can choose any color available in topmost section of drop-down menu. When you hover a mouse over that color, you can see the change in color of page. There are not much varieties in color, but most people’s favorites are covered. There are total 12 color options: pink, dark red, dark orange, orange, light green, green, light teal, teal, light blue, blue (default), dark purple and purple. When you change a color, the color of command bar, advertisement color text, highlight text and link text are changed.

Now other customization you can do in Hotmail is to change ‘Reading pane‘ option which is the section used to read received email. The reading pane option can be accessed by clicking setting icon like color option. There are options of ‘off’ (default), ‘right’ and ‘bottom’ under reading pane heading just below color section and you can choose one of them as you like for easy navigation and reading of emails. You can have additional settings regarding reading pane by going to “More Mail setting” option right below reading pane option’s section. In additional mail setting page, select ‘Reading pane’ option which is first one under heading “Reading email” section.


After selecting that option, you get dialog box like above where you can select reading pane location as well as option of setting reading pane to ‘showing first message automatically’ or ‘ show message only after selecting it’ when you first open your inbox or anther folder. To save the changes, click “Save” button.

Compared to Gmail and Yahoo!, Hotmail has got less preferences and personalize options. Lets hope that Hotmail will look into giving user the service or feature of changing or editing the Hotmail theme. Its better late than never.

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