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Instant communication being very popular nowadays, Hotmail chatting is one of the best option to do so. If you want to start instant messaging with others, Hotmail chat service provides this facility with contacts you have added. For two-way chat, other person should also be available/online. You can just use messaging for normal text chat or video chat with someone using Windows Live Messenger (previous), and also with Skype because of Skype integration with Microsoft Outlook services. is new domain for the same old

For instant Hotmail chatting, you should follow the instructions likewise:

  • First, sign in to your Hotmail account and find messaging button along with setting and username in upper right hand corner of window and click that button.                                 msg
  • Once you do that, there will be the Messaging options with list of contacts online. If you want to chat with specific person, just type in his/her username in search place. For two-way chatting in, the other person should be available too. But you still can send message to them only they will see those messages when they log in to their account. And with the integration of Hotmail with Facebook and Google, you also can chat with your Facebook friends and Google contacts.
  • Once you make up your mind with whom to chat, click on username and type the message in chat input box and then press enter to send that message. You also can have fun by using smiley by clicking emoticon icon available there.
  • You can send many short messages before you receive a reply from person you are chatting with.

But just remember before Hotmail chatting, you should make yourself available/online first so that other can also start chat with you. To do so, click on the username which you can find right to the messaging button and select the option ‘available’. If you wish to make yourself unavailable for chat, you can select the option ‘invisible’ so that others cannot see you in their messenger list.

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