Download Hotmail emails to Computer

Hotmail (now known as is one of the most popular free email service providers from Microsoft. Although, Hotmail gives its users virtually unlimited email storage space for free account that will expand to meet user’s need, sometimes the user may need to view the emails and other crucial information from their inbox without possibility of internet connection. As Hotmail is entirely an online service, the users can’t check their emails without internet connection. So it will be better for the users if there is some way to download Hotmail emails to computer and view them when needed. Speaking of which, there is a way for that!

hotmail   The users can download Hotmail emails to computer from inbox of their Hotmail account in many ways. The most simple one is to save emails that is important to you in PC as .eml format containing message and details in plain text. For creating such file of desired email, first open that message. Click down arrow next to ‘Reply’ button in message’s header area and select ‘View message source’ from menu coming up (or click right mouse button and select ‘view message source). Then press ‘Ctrl+A’ and ‘Ctrl+C’ to copy all message source. And open text editor such as Notepad and press ‘Ctrl+V’ in new plain text document to paste the message. Save the document by pressing ‘Ctrl+S’ and make sure that during this you choose ‘.eml’ extension to save that file. The message can be saved directly as .eml file if your browser lets you do so.

Another option to download Hotmail emails to computer is by using Windows Live Mail application. Windows Live Mail is one of email client with more functionality. First of all, browse to Windows Live Mail website, download the application and install it. After installation is fully completed, run the program. You can find ‘Add email account’ on left side of screen, click it. Enter your Hotmail account username and password under respective input headings. In ‘Display Name’ input box, enter name which you want other to see when they receive message from you. Then click ‘Next’ and ‘Finish’ to end process. The Hotmail messages from your inbox will begin downloading automatically. You can view email downloaded in ‘Inbox’ available in left side of screen.

Also emails from your Hotmail account can be downloaded using any email clients like Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, etc which supports POP (Post Office Protocol). You should configure POP3 settings in email client you are using before saving emails from Hotmail inbox. Apart from these, you can use dedicated application like MailStore for downloading and saving messages from not just Hotmail inbox but Gmail, Yahoo, etc inbox too.

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