Hotmail Bad Request

Many users get different problems with Hotmail email service. And one of them is Hotmail bad request error. When user try to open Hotmail HTTP 400 bad request or Hotmail bad request invalid verb pops up or during replying to email, message writing section may get populated with bad request.

hotmail bad request

hotmail bad request

This may cause due to server could not understand HTTP request, bad server name, header line too long, bad cookies, proxy DNS timeout, invalid characters, etc. But if problem already occurs with your Hotmail account, then knowing these causes won’t help you. You need solution to this and here it is!

  • Try after deleting all cache and cookies. To do this in Internet Explorer, follow: ““Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Delete Files > Delete Cookies”.
  • In Firefox browser, rename or delete ‘cookies.sqlite’ and delete ‘cookies.sqlite-journal & cookies.txt’ if exists from Firefox profile folder as corrupted cookies may create such problem.
  • Try to continue your work after resetting Internet Explorer(IE). For this process, close IE and open ‘Control Panel’ of Windows. Then follow “Internet Options > Delete” and delete everything like internet history, cookies, cache, etc. Click “Advanced” tab and select ‘Reset’ option. And click ‘Reset’ in ‘Reset Internet Explorer Setting’ and run the browser to open Hotmail account.
  • If you are using unsecure protocol to login to Hotmail, use secure protocol i.e HTTPS for Hotmail sign in by entering instead of in address bar of browser.
  • The proxy DNS timeout and other Gateway errors can be managed by entering some commands in Windows cmd. For this:
    – Click ‘Start’ and then ‘Run’ button in Windows. Type ‘cmd’ and enter to open command mode.
    – Type ‘netsh winsock reset’ and hit ‘Enter’.
    – Type ‘ipconfig/release’ and hit ‘enter’.
    – Type ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ and hit ‘enter’.
    – Type ‘netsh int ip reset netshlog.txt’ and hit ‘enter’.
    Remember above command should be typed without quotation marks.

And one more thing to know is problem with internet connection or other router problems may also create Hotmail bad request. So be sure not to involve in complex process to get rid of those problems when it can be solved easily by fixing internet connection or changing browser.

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