Hotmail Blacklist

Hotmail is one of the most popular email and web service providers, competing with web clients like Yahoo! and Google. Hotmail provides services like Microsoft Live mail and search engines, along with Windows messenger services. In case of queries and troubleshooting, you can always make use of the Support services provided by Hotmail.

Hotmail blacklist is created in order to eliminate cyber crimes. Hotmail service provider puts your IP in Hotmail Blacklist so that you cannot have access. If you cannot send emails to Hotmail or MSN then your server may be blacklist. These are the following ways that would help you to solve the problem of being blacklisted.

Before jumping through the blacklist removal hoops, you may want to double check that your emails are not simply going into the spam folder. This process will not help you with emails being dropped into the spam folder. This is for getting off of MSN’s blacklist. I am going to outline 3 steps.

  • Verify you are on the Hotmail blacklist.
  • Perform preliminary blacklist removal checks.
  • Submit MSN blacklist delisting request.

 After verifying that you are on Hotmail blacklist perform the following task.

Before requesting removal from MSN’s blacklist, you will want to take some steps to stop whatever caused the listing. See some of my other blacklist removal posts for more details but in a nutshell you should:
Make sure there is no unauthorized email going from your server.

Check the daily volume of email going to Hotmail, MSN or
Look for compromised user accounts.
Look for people forwarding email to Hotmail, MSN, or
If someone is forwarding email to Hotmail related addresses and then marketing it as spam, your server’s sender reputation is lowered and you can be blacklisted. Window’s Live and related email services such as Hotmail and emails work with Return Path to filter email. So email server reputation is more important for sending to these accounts than some of the other ISP’s covered in this series. This will surely help you to solve the problem of Hotmail blacklist.

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