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Blog, basically is a discussion site in the internet of some specific topic where you can read others post and write your own. Outlook Blog/Hotmail Blog is a blog relating everything about Outlook. You can view the older posts in the particular blog in chronological order. You can select the timeline and read the post that you selected. From all the latest news and updates about Hotmail are in the Blog.

You can post questions as comments and wait for other viewers to answer your question. Even the Hotmail Blog official members might answer your question. Once you become a visitor of this blog, you will might it even more informative and interesting. There are sections like Tips, How-to, Videos, News and Stories for the updates about any Microsoft products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, Visio including Outlook. But not Xbox, if you are thinking about that.



If you are looking for latest news about Microsoft products, then this is the blog you might want to visit. Skype was available for all customers in North America from mid of August. This was the news that was first published in this blog. So, this could be the best blog to follow for latest updates and download links for Microsoft software and services. Change the language of the page if you like. You can choose from various available range of languages.

But first one thing you need to know is that, you have to subscribe their RSS feed for the notification of new blog post. In order to post comments, you have to create account first. Alternatively, you can even use your favorite social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in to register. Just click on the Sign in section on the right hand top corner of the page if you are already registered. Type in your Username and Password, then click Sign in button.


I hope now you know about what is Hotmail blog & what’s its main purpose. Just start to use your it and i don’t see any problem you not doing that. This blog is distinctive than any other normal blogs out there.

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