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The business entrepreneurs want to make their email address look professional related to that business house. They can rely on Hotmail Business Email service with help of their own domain which gives them that satisfaction. If you are one of them and don’t want your email address to be looked like (then), (now) or, etc, then you should move on to use email service entirely for business purposes with your own domain.

Now for using Hotmail in all business email transactions without their own default ‘’ but as ‘’, first of all you need your own domain. Domain can be brought from various domain providers which will cost you maximum 10$ per year. The investment seems considerable as you can have your own business email. And have your domain provider to set ‘forward address’ from your domain to your current Hotmail email address. Then you should make some changes in your Hotmail account too.

  • After signing in to Hotmail email service, find ‘option’ or ‘setting’ button in upper right hand corner of page.
  • Click on that option and you will get drop-down options from where you should select ‘more mail setting’ which is fourth link from top of the list.
  • Now you find ‘Managing your account’ section in left side of window and click on ‘your email accounts’ link.
  • The link you clicked will take you to setting page of email accounts where you find many options. Select ‘Add a send-and-receive account’ and enter email address for your domain given by domain provider along with username and password. Click on ‘Next’ button and leave other advanced setting option as it is.
  • Then you will receive an email to verify this. Once you verify it by clicking on the verification link from email, you can enjoy email service as Hotmail Business Email with professional touch.


But at last you should remember to do this also. Go to ‘your email accounts’ link from previous process and find email account you have added (for this it should be second one). And click on the link ‘Use as default’ so that your business Email address will be default email address which has now become professional Hotmail Business Email. In this way, you can use professional Email address through Hotmail.

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