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The page is in English language by default as you know it, but if you are using other computer to login to Hotmail account or travel to different location where the language is changed according to locality, then you may have difficulty with  understanding of the language and using Hotmail Services.

But don’t worry too much, this difficulty can be solved simply. Make sure that you follow the given steps correctly so that you can have in English from any language. can be used with 50 over different languages. Here are the steps:

  • If you are land on hotmail with login page in different language, there is not much difficulty entering  username and password and clicking Sign in button. Once you are signed in you can see the dashboard with totally different language which is generally not understood.
  • So you find the setting button in upper right hand corner of that page which will look like this and clicking on it you will get drop-down list from where select fourth option which is ‘more options’ in English.
  • Then from the options screen you see, select the fourth link from the second section which is ‘language’.
  • There are many languages on the list but you must choose one of English (United States) or English (United Kingdom) by checking the radio button left to it.
  • Then you should scroll down the hotmail page to see the buttons which are ‘save’ and ‘cancel’ in English. Click on the first left button and that will be the ‘save’ button so that your language selection has been saved now.
  • After this you can enjoy in English.

Apart from this, if you want the sign in page of in English, then just enter “” without quotes into address bar of the browser. You can also use ‘en-au’ for Australian English, ‘en-gb’ for British English, ‘en-ca’ for Canadian English in place of ‘en-us’ which is for the American English. And after signing in, you get different language, you can always follow the above method to change into English one.

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