Is Hotmail Down Right Now?

There may be problems and errors regarding anything in sometimes. If you have recently changed any settings, firewalls, browser plug-ins or other upgrades, that might be the things that are causing problems while you are trying to use Is hotmail down right now? Make sure there is no problem with an internet connection.

How To Check If Hotmail Down or Not?

  1. First go to the web address or or from whichever web browser that you are using.
  2. If hotmail login page opens, then it is working properly. In case message saying ‘The webpage is not available’ or ‘Internet Error’ appears, then you know there is a problem in hotmail site.
  3. There are lots of alternative ways to check Windows Live’s status. is one of the many sites that you can use to check hotmail site status.
  4. Go to that site. Click on the Status of Windows Live Hotmail. If it says ‘Up’ in Current Status, then is working properly.
  5. If hotmail is down right now, then it says ‘Down’ or ‘Possible service trouble’.hotmail_down

This is the easiest way to check the site’s status. In this case, checking hotmail down or not? Actually, there is nothing you can do it do make it right unless and until it is the problem in your internet connection or web-browser. Otherwise, you will just have to wait hotmail technical team to make it right. Just click on the Report an Issue button if you are having any trouble regarding Windows Live.

Another case may be that is blocked in your IP address. In such case, you can unblock hotmail with proxy site.

If you have any problems about hotmail other than this, then go to Contact Us section of hotmail to resolve an issue.

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