5 Interesting Hotmail.com Facts

Here are lists of some very interesting www.hotmail.com facts that you might or might not know about. All the given information are gathered from the internet and LogintoHotmail.com doesn’t takes responsibility if anything shared below is wrong or less wrong facts. Do Enjoy Hotmail.com Facts below:

  1. Hotmail,com consists of total 350M + active users all around the world through which 70% of the users also use Hotmail Messenger.
  2. Hotmail Round the Clock Response Center Team monitors and takes immediate actions when required.
  3. 18.9 % of United States users use Hotmail.com for their email service, followed by 40.8% for Yahoo and 36.7% for Gmail.com.
  4. Most of the Hotmail.com users are said to be average women between age of 18-34 with no religious belief.
  5. Every hotmail.com user is benefited with unlimited amount of email storage on their account. This feature is available on new Hotmail only.

There might be many other Hotmail Facts that has been missing. If you find any other Hotmail related facts then please feel free to share those facts to other hotmail.com users too through here. You can simply comment on the box below or else can contact us providing interesting hotmail facts. We would be happy to hear from you.

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