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During use of Hotmail email service, the users may encounter series of problems regarding their account and its usage. The problems like not loading Hotmail page, can’t get hold of your account, unable to send and receive email, lost password, account hacked, receive numerous junk mails, etc may stop you from doing some important work using Hotmail service. As others, Hotmail also have its support center via Hotmail helpdesk to eradicate such ongoing problems. But you can’t send email to Hotmail helpdesk but can have online support from Hotmail where you can ask questions related to problems and get answers to them.
hotmail helpdesk

Once you ask a question, related answer from Hotmail database is retrieved and given to you which is helpful in number of ways to solve Hotmail problem. If you are thinking how to ask question and from where, here is the answer.

  • If you can login to your Hotmail account (now account), do it first.
  • Click setting icon in upper right corner and select ‘Help’ option from drop down menu.
  • In new window, select ‘Support’ option from top menu bar. And click ‘Email and Communication’ section under ‘Browse by Category’ menu list.
  • You should select ‘’ option as Hotmail is now upgraded to Outlook in left side of page.
  •  You will get top problems solution there on hotmail technical support and ask question if your problem is other than theirs in ‘ Forum’ option which can be found in lower left side of the page.

If you can’t even sign in to your Hotmail account, Hotmail helpdesk can be reached by entering “” without quotes in browser. When you enter this site, you can find field to ask question to Microsoft virtual agent. If you want to be specific, select ”Windows Live (Hotmail) support” by clicking little down arrow after ‘top questions and answers’ link. The new page is open where you can ask a Hotmail service related problems.

If you still do not want to go through this process, you can easily ask us for every possible problems in Hotmail and there will be answer or browse through other posts related to your problems.

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