Hotmail keyboard shortcuts

Hotmail is a web-based e-mail service which is provided by Microsoft company. Recently, there are 420 million users of Hotmail worldwide. Every user gets unlimited storage in the new Hotmail account. is ranked 380th in U.S. by Alexa.

You should first register. Registration is easy and free. You can use the same account to sign in every other Microsoft accounts like Sky Drive, mail and others. If you use Hotmail/Outlook frequently, then you can use keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts, somehow saves your time and make you cool. Every one know Ctrl+v and Ctrl+c. First of all, make sure that Windows like Hotmail keyboard shortcuts are enabled.

For that, follow these steps :

  • Click this button.


  • Then click “More mail settings“.
  • Now click “Keyboard shortcuts“.


  • Tick box and click Save. This will enable shortcuts for your Hotmail account.

In order to use Windows Live Hotmail quick, then use these Hotmail keyboard shortcuts :

While writing Email :

Ctrl+N : Create a new mail

Alt + . : Address book

Ctrl+Enter/Alt+S : Send an email

F7 : Spell check

Ctrl+Y : Insert an Emoji

Ctrl+S : Save draft

Ctrl+R : Reply to an email

Shift+R : Reply to all email

Shift+F : Forward an email

Email Actions :

C : Categorize an email

E : Archive

J : Mark an email as junk

Ctrl+Q : Mark an email as read

Ctrl+U : Mark an email as unread

Ctrl+V : Move to a folder

Ctrl+Y : Remove all categories

Shift+E : New folder

Shift+G : New category

Shift+P : Print an email

Insert : Flag an email

Go To :

G then D : Go to drafts

G then I : Go to inbox

G then L : Go to flagged

G then S : Go to sent

Ctrl+3 : Go to people

? : Show help

Email List :

S then A : Select all emails

S then N : Deselect all emails

F9/M : Refresh

Ctrl+. : Go to next message

Ctrl+, : Go to previous message

F then I : Go to the  Inbox folder

F then D : Go to the Drafts folder

F then S : Go to the Sent folder

These are some of the shortcuts that you can use while you are using your Hotmail account. Shortcuts make it far easier for the users to do all the account activities. But I wonder why it took so long for Hotmail to introduce this shortcut features. Enjoy those handful of the keyboard shortcut lists. For any other problems and questions related to Hotmail, then you can always post comment or request.

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