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While using Hotmail users come across various kind of problem. Even if you are an IT expert then also you may face different problems regarding Hotmail. And to solve these problems this article ma help you. There are numerous Hotmail queries. Various users come across various problem like:

  • Stopped receiving email to my Hotmail account apart from approximately 2 a day.
  • Recovering email from old Hotmail account.
  • How to unblock Hotmail account without giving credit card information
  • I cant find my spam folder in my Hotmail account.
  • How to sync Hotmail account in windows 8 mail app
  • How to sign up Hotmail.
  • How to recover hijacked email address.
  • Forgotten password and username.
  • Servers problem.
  • Problems with sending and receiving emails.
  • Spelling mistakes.
  • Problems while attaching files.
  • Problem with coordinating flight/travel plans.
  • Problem of page cannot be displayed.
  • Problem with screen resolution.
  • Problem with stolen address book
  • Internet connection problem


This sort of problem may come across while you use Hotmail. To solve these problems you can do the following procedure.

  • You can call the customer care for help and support.
  • You may look FAQ
  • You can refer to other article from this post.
  • You can contact MSN Hotmail. you can contact MSN staff using a contact from Hotmail and com.They have different department to deal with feedback, comment, help and support.Contacting MSN Hotmail by phone is more difficult. Microsoft strongly encourages users to use the email contact form found in its “Contact” and “Help” sections. Have a question? Get an answer from Online Tech Support now!
    These are the instruction that will help you to solve all the above problem.Visit Hotmail.com.l” at the bottom-right of the page. On the next page, click “Give us feedback” located at far right and bottom of the page. On the next page, click “Windows Live Hotmail” under “Pick A Product.”Enter in the comment, question or relevant information in the “Comment Box” on the “Talk To Us” page. Enter your email in the “Please Tell Us Your Email Address” box. Enter a response for the question “How likely are you to recommend Windows Live Hotmail to friends and family?*” Enter a response for the query “Type of internet connection:” These are both mandatory. Click “Submit.” The query will be submitted to MSN Hotmail and a response should be received within 48 hours. Here you can send Hotmail queries.

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