Hotmail Recover E-mail

What if you accidentally delete an important email from Hotmail inbox? Or you just want to retrieve previously deleted emails that is needed now? Thanks to Hotmail service! As all deleted emails will be moved to “Deleted” folder like files deleted in Windows OS are moved to “Recycle Bin”. From this “Deleted” folder, you can recover deleted Hotmail emails. But Hotmail also automatically cleans this folder time to time. Not to worry much for this condition too! As Hotmail service can recover permanently deleted files from ‘Deleted’ folder too but not all emails are recovered.

To recover deleted Hotmail emails from your inbox, follow given instructions:

  • Sign in to Hotmail account from Hotmail login page
  • Find ‘Deleted’ link under ‘Folders’ options in left side of the page and click on that link.
  • Now you can view list of deleted emails. Click on check-box next to email you want to recover. Can select multiple emails for recovering by clicking on check-boxes. If you want to retrieve all emails, then check ‘All’ option at top of window.
  • Then click on ‘Move To’ tab and select the ‘inbox’ from displayed menu list (can select other folder too).
  • Click ‘Inbox’ option from left side of the page where you can find retrieved emails back in list.

If you want to recover deleted Hotmail emails from ‘Deleted’ folder too, then you should click on ‘recover deleted messages’ link appeared when you enter deleted folder in Hotmail account.
recover_deleted_outlook_messageBy clicking this link, Hotmail will bring you back many messages as possible to ‘Deleted’ folder from where you can move them to ‘Inbox’. If this method also fails to help in recovering your important email, then there’s no more choice. So be careful during deletion of messages and if accidentally happens so, do not be late to retrieve email from deleted folder when it is still there.


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