Hotmail Update Notice

Many people report about getting emails about Hotmail update notice, even some receive Hotmail update final warning. You must be clear in mind that Hotmail never sends such update notice to its users and its totally ‘FAKE’. If Hotmail have to update or upgrade its service, then it will apply to Hotmail without noticing Hotmail account users previously but they may send you message about its new service and how to use it later.

Whenever emails with subject like Hotmail update notice, update final warning, final upgrade warning, etc comes up in inbox, you should know that it is a scammer trying to hijack your email address. Such emails come up with contents like ‘Hotmail is updating and removing inactive users. To confirm your account is active, please give following information to update your Hotmail account otherwise account will be suspended within 48 hours for security reasons’.
hotmail update notice  Such email will ask you to provide information regarding your ‘Full name, username, password, alternate email address, DOB, state, country, etc.’ which is used by them to extract other personal information to get into bank accounts, credit card numbers or your Hotmail account can be used to send spams to other peoples. BE AWARE about such emails and discard those spams and delete immediately. Never open such email and click on link within them or do not make mistake of giving valuable information easily. As hackers can use your personal information to crack other confidential information too. Do not fall for trick of scammer as one of their is sending email with heading Hotmail update notice

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