Hotmail Wont Load | Can’t Open on firefox

If every other websites open in your computer except from or, then it surely must be the problem of your web-browser. I do not know which web-browser you are using. It can be Opera, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. These three are the most used web-browsers recently.

If Hotmail won’t load in Mozilla Firefox, then there may be some issues caused by cookies or caches. To fix the problem of cookies or cache in Firefox, follow these following steps :

  • Remember that, while you are about to perform this task you will be logged out from every sites you are opening temporarily.
  • Click the options tab on the right-hand side of the screen, then go to History.
  • Then go to Clear recent history or go to Tools and then Clear recent history.
  • Select “Everything” under Time range to clear.
  • Click the arrow which you see next Details to see the Details list active.
  • Tick Cache and Cookies and left every other options unchecked.
  • Now click the Clear button now.

Now for Google Chrome, the process for clearing cookies or caches are :

  • Click the chrome menu icon.
  • Then move your mouse over to Tools.
  • There are lots of options to choose from. Extensions, Task Manager, Report an issue, Encoding, etc. Go to Clear browsing data.. now.



  • The above window will open after that. This is for clearing browsing data. Tick the option to do the activity. That means, in the above picture, the browsing history, downloaded history, cookies and caches will be cleared from your computer.
  • You can choose the time limit from “Obliterate the following items from” menu.
  • After you tick the task you want to perform, click Clear browsing data button.

This is the process for clearing cookies and caches in Google Chrome. After this, the problems you are having while loading Hotmail will surely be solved. If you are using browser other than Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, then you can go to Hotmail Support Center or Login. Even if those process seems to be not working, then must have been blocked for your IP. Check other articles from this website for more information. Next time, if Hotmail wont load in your web-browser, follow the above steps.


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