Junk Email Hotmail

Using Hotmail email service obviously brings junk emails in most of Hotmail account’s inbox. Among these junk mails (spams), some may be annoying but harmless or identity theft scam or some kind of fraud. In Hotmail account, such spams may be flooded to your inbox or some important email can be filtered as junks.

spam   The junk emails can be result of Hotmail account hacking or trying to extract your personal information via such spams. You can easily delete such emails from inbox or junk folder itself but its not always the scenario. You may be in difficult position to get lots of junk messages every time you open Hotmail account and delete them. You may accidentally delete much important emails too during this process. So most convenient way will be to use service of spam filters in Hotmail. You can change settings of Hotmail spam filter:

  • First of all, sign in to your Hotmail account.
  • Click on ‘Settings’ icon from top right corner of window and select ‘More Options’ from drop-down menu.
  • In new page, click ‘Filters and Reporting’ option under ‘Junk email’ section of this page.
  • Now select ‘Choose a Junk email filter’ which will give you various filter levels.
  • You get three filter levels: low, standard and exclusive. You should choose one of filter level depending upon which security level you want.
  • Choose higher filter level if you are receiving many junk emails in Hotmail inbox. You can choose low level if your legit messages are going to junk folder automatically. The ‘standard’ filter option can be chosen if you want most of spams in spam folder and also not want to have to spam folder timely to check if any important message being moved there.
  • After choosing one of option, click ‘save’ button to make changes saved in Hotmail spam filter.

Apart from this, you can prevent Hotmail account inbox from junk mails by reporting spam to Hotmail, providing email address only to people you know, always ignore received junk mail (do not open or click any link from unknown sender), improve computer’s security enabling firewall and using updated anti-virus & anti-spyware programs.


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