Welcome, if this is your first time landing on this page to know about the world’s second most famous web mail service provider, www.hotmail.com. In fact www.hotmail.com signifies outlook.com. Hotmail is constructed with two different words “HOT” and “MAIL”. Both the HOT and MAIL have their own different meaning and existence. If we use our common sense the meaning of Hotmail is fresh mail. The keyword Hotmail is very interesting to draw ¬†the attention of user to make them create a unique account.¬†Either hotmail.com or outlook.com the things are same in terms of functionality and meaning. Hotmail and Outlook is interchangeable the same as vary or differ and the United Kingdom or the Great Britain. If the users are new and want to open the official website of Hotmail with the aims to create a Hotmail account or login to Hotmail, definitely the users will be redirected to outlook.com. This is the very reason the users often get confused. So henceforward, the suggestion from this website www.logintohotmail.com is users do not have to be confuse with Hotmail, windows live or outlook.




Outlook.comAs a gradual progress or process the Hotmail has been regularly updating or integrating till now. It is inevitable as the demand of time and users. We have already known the fact above that outlook.com is the updated version of hotmail.com with so many specific features or characteristics. If the literary meaning of Hotmail is fresh mail, then what is the technical meaning of Hotmail? I think this question might have alerted you for a while. Don’t worry ! the answer is simple the technical meaning of Hotmail comes with the functionality of web mail service. Of course, the main purpose of Hotmail or Outlook is to give service of web base mail only for the registered users. So be ready to signup Hotmail account first to get full access in Hotmail web mail services.

Except English language Hotmail.com is available in 106 different languages. You can easily speculate the mass of Outlook users worldwide. Let’s go back to the history of Hotmail, the web mail service provider was launched in July 4, 1996 with the branded name as Hotmail. Similarly, Hotmail.com was integrated with outlook.com in July 31, 2012 with additional user friendly features. According to the data taken from Alexa Ranking on July 4, 2013, the global rank of www.outlook.com is at 363 which is pretty good. The stat shows the increment of rank up to 76 comparing to previous three months. Similarly, the outlook is at 179 in the context of the United State of America.

Which country has more visitors on www.hotmail.com?
Almost 50% of the visitors or so called traffic to the official website of hotmail is from the United State of America.

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